Meet the Staff

Bobbi Schirmers

BobbiExperience at Naturway Foods: 13 years

I love helping people find answers to their health problems or symptoms. Helping people to better wellness and happiness is what I like about this industry. I’ve been through many health problems from since I was a child. So I lived it and found my answers naturally.

I remember one of my favorite days working at Naturway Foods. A lady came in and told me about her three year old daughter. They said they were going to fly her to a special doctor because her daughter was very sick and nobody could tell her what was wrong. So I told her about a natural doctor and she brought her daughter there having nothing to lose. They told her that her daughter had 3 different kind of parasites. The lady came back to thank me saying her daughter was back to normal.

Carol Gans

carolExperience at Naturway Foods: 9 years

It’s a wonderful store from the beginning. The concept has always been to help others. This is why people come to Naturway. They know we really care and go the extra mile for them. We are more than just any retail health store. We care! The health industry is on going. Knowledge is always expanding. It’s very exciting. I love the alternative approach to health. I really believe in it!

I am very friendly and kind. I do my best to be attentive to the needs of our customers. Putting them first is what I always try to do.